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  • 900g
  • For children 3-10 years old
  • nutritional supplement or between meals for children whose decrease food intake due to diminished appetite or for children whose calories and nutrients are increased.
  • Components:

 Has a Triple Sure System with 37 nutrients
 Protein , calcium and vitamin D
 Prebiotic and probiotics.
 Essential vitamins and minerals .
Hydrolyzed corn starch, proteins, sucrose, oils, cocoa powder, anti-oxidants, l- carnitine and high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins such as CA, FE, ZN, and phosphorus with more fiber content.

  •  Kids approved taste. Chocolate flavor.


1) Wash hands thoroughly before preparing the feed.
2) Wash the cup and the tools used well then boiled for 5 minutes and put on a clean surface.
3) to prepare one  225 ml serving, pour 190 ml of room temperature or warm water less than 35 C into a cup and gradually mix 5 leveled scoop of milk.
4) close the bottle and shake well until the solubility is complete.
5) Feed directly to the child.

  Do not heat the meal in the microwave.
  Keep in temperature not exceeding 25 C   and close the package well and used in only 3 weeks of the opening.
 Breastfeeding is best for children and should last as long as possible.


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