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  • 500 ml with measuring cup
  • Suitable for sensitive teeth
  • A ready-to-use mouthwash that helps strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Recommended as a complement to toothpaste, for oral hygiene in areas that are hard to reach when brushing (inter-dental spaces, necks of the teeth and under braces).
  • Ideal complement to brushing Fluoride strengthens the enamel Leaves breath fresher


  • Use undiluted after brushing. Rinse around the mouth for 30 seconds with 10 ml of solution, then spit out without rinsing out the mouth. Do not swallow
  • . Not to be used by children under six years of age.
  • Use ELGYDIUM ENAMEL PROTECTION as part of your daily oral hygiene routine to prevent the development of tooth decay.
  • This mouthwash prolongs the effect of brushing with a toothpaste such as ELGYDIUM TOOTH DECAY PROTECTION.


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