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Delivery Orders are received within 24 hours on the Website of Al Fath
Pharmacies Online.

 Delivery is carried out within 24 working hours in case the customer’s
information is correct and clear where the customer will be contacted before
delivery to verify the data.

 The value of the delivery service is 500 fils.

Free shipping for all orders over 30 BD.

Delivery Hours must be taken into account as follows:

All days: from 10am – 11pm
Friday : from 8pm – to 12am

 The delivery service has been approved by the National Authority for the
Regulation of Professions and Health Services (NHRA).

 Communication between the pharmacist and the applicant of the delivery
service is done directly through the pharmacy mobile to check all the details
of the Order.

 In the case of any notices, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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